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Clinical Services

Acupuncture Treatment:

Acupuncture is concerned with the whole person and addresses itself to many levels of functioning. The practice of acupuncture—and the research pertaining to it—goes back over 2,000 years. Acupuncture has been used as a primary and adjunct treatment for a full range of health conditions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine:

This classical style of botanical medicine treats on many levels. Our unique, lifelong constitutional “climate” as well as our symptoms that change like the “weather” can be balanced gracefully with herbs.

Holistic Health Counseling:

With the gifts of our speaking and listening we can come to understand the landscape that exists inside us. Ancient Chinese wisdom teaches how our whole life is relevant to our health: our emotions, thoughts, diet, work, home, and our environment . . all these and more are explored along with our health history and symptoms.


Qigong literally means “life-force practice.” These ancient techniques teach us to unify our breath and movement with meditative intention.


Bodywork includes massage techniques from acupressure to tuina, gwa sha, and cupping. Diverse approaches to hands-on healing bring relief to pain in our bodies and our spirit


Charles Rothschild Lev: Clinic

The clinic provides a warm, healing environment.

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